Welcome to my blog! I'll be adding favorite images from flyball and agility events after the proofs are loaded into the Zenfolio galleries. Portraits too!

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Irene Cotter

Finley, a Saving Grace NC dog

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FInley is wonderful - handsome, sweet, and loves attention! He'll be ready for adoption soon at Saving Grace NC!

ISC_0281-EditISC_0281-Edit ISC_0285-EditISC_0285-Edit ISC_0289-EditISC_0289-Edit

Flyball Variation

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These two are demonstrating the latest strategy for speeding up the flyball weekend.

ISC_3463ISC_3463 ISC_3464ISC_3464 ISC_3465ISC_3465 ISC_3466ISC_3466 ISC_3467ISC_3467 ISC_3468ISC_3468


NADAC Agility Trial, Salem, VA. Sept 2017

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Some favorites from the trial! Thank you Star City Dog Training Club for the invitation and the beautiful weather!

ISC_1815ISC_1815 ISC_2031ISC_2031 ISC_2370ISC_2370 ISC_3983ISC_3983 ISC_4792ISC_4792 ISC_5342ISC_5342 ISC_6205ISC_6205 ISC_6591ISC_6591 ISC_7345ISC_7345

Barrel Obstacle in NADAC Agility - Creativity Points

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Bonus points for creativity to this Cane Corso, competing in Salem, VA in a NADAC trial! ISC_2048ISC_2048 ISC_2054ISC_2054

Gus, a Beagle. Mix.

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This is Gus:

ISC_6725-EditISC_6725-Edit He belongs to my friend Sarah Williams, she adopted him in the Spring of 2017 from Best Friends Animal Society. Gus is pretty famous, he scored a page in People Magazine. Seems that Gus weighed close to 80 lbs when he first arrived at Best Friends, plus he was plagued by a host of other medical problems. With the help of the folks at Best Friends, Gus cut back to a svelte 35 pounds. He charmed the pants off everyone, and Sarah fell hard for him when she first saw him. So Gus came home to Raleigh to join Juno and Woody, and Pippa (also from Best Friends) joined the pack as well. 


Gus has the softest ears. And the biggest eyes.

ISC_6742-EditISC_6742-Edit He makes funny faces when you make meowing sounds.

ISC_6748-EditISC_6748-Edit His mom is filling his days with lots of fun things, because she loves him.