All American Dog Sports, NADAC Agility Trial, Blacksburg, VA. April 31 and May 1, 2016

May 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Never again will I hesitate to photograph an agility trial in the rain! We had a bit of everything thrown at us (except the wintery stuff): mist, damp & chilly, downpours, sunshine, and hot sun. The toughest condition for photography was the hot direct sun. The rain and clouds made for some cool pictures without those harsh shadows. Thank heaven for a rain sleeve for my camera and lens! And thank heaven for backup equipment - my beloved 1DX camera body shut down completely early on Saturday. The old 7D thankfully had charged batteries and was up to the task, it focused better than the 1DX (seems like I've been missing too many shots lately with the "good" camera). Saved the weekend! Now to buy waterproof shoes and a pair of rain pants!

Thank you AADS for inviting me to photograph your trial. It was fun hanging out Friday for Yappy Hour, and cool to see everyone having fun despite the rain!

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