Created 26-Mar-14
These are proofs for Friday March 21, dogs are sorted as best as I can by breed. I added names for the dogs I know, hope it helps with the All Americans. Please let me know of any mistakes, and feel free to supply names for the question marked ones!

Images will be edited including cropping, exposure correction etc.

Saturday's images are in their own separate folder.

Thank you Linda and everyone at the Star City Canine Training Club for inviting me! I had a great time, beautiful setting for an event!

All American: BaileyAll American: BarneyAll American: Border Collie mixAll American: BrieAll American: EllaAll American: EzriAll American: JackAll American: Lab mix (?)All American: LelaAll American: PippinAll American: PyeAll American: Shepherd mixAll American: Navi and/or SkitchAll American: SqueekerAll American: Terrier mixesAustralian Cattle DogAustralian ShepherdsBlue HeelerBorder ColliesBoxerBriardBrittany SpanielDachshundEnglish Cocker SpanielEnglish ShepherdGolden RetrieversHavaneseJack Russell TerrierLabrador RetrieversNorwegian ElkhoundPomeranianPoodleRat TerriersShetland SheepdogsSilken WindhoundStabyhounVizslaWeimeranerWest Highland White Terrier