Created 29-Mar-14
These are the proofs for Saturday's competition, again I sorted the dogs by breed or my closest approximation. If you don't see you dog I probably mis-filed it, keep looking and please let me know if I made mistakes!
Thank you Star City Canine Training Club!
All American: BaileyAll American: BarneyAll American: BrieAll American: EllaAll American: EzriAll American: JackAll American: LelaAll American: PippinAll American: PyeAll American: Shepherd MixAll American: SkitchAll American: SqueekerAll American: Terrier MixesAll American: TippetAustralian Cattle DogAustralian Shepherd: CocoAustralian Shepherd: JazzyAustralian Shepherd: KopperAustralian Shepherd: KwynAustralian Shepherd: RosieAustralian Shepherd: SissyAustralian Shepherd: tri #1Australian Shepherd: tri #2Australian Shepherd: ZephyrBlue HeelersBorder Collie: Fire (?)Border Collie: Quinn (?)Border Collie: red & whiteBorder Collie: RomeoBorder Collies: Tri + B&WBoxerCairn TerrierEnglish Cocker SpanielEnglish ShepherdGolden RetrieversHavaneseJack Russell TerrierLabrador Retriever: Zia and DaxLabrador Retrievers: Tupper and WinnieNorwegian ElkhoundPomeranianPoodleRat TerriersSchnauzerShetland Sheepdog: BellaShetland Sheepdogs: Piper & ChelseaStabyhounVizslaWeimeranerWest Highland White Terrier