Created 15-Feb-16
Thank you Pawmetto Pack for letting me set up my little studio at the tournament, it was great fun!
Note that these images can be edited to remove people, leashes, or background stand bits.
Feel free to share links to these images, but please do not take screen shots for your Facebook page. Web downloads are available for purchase.
Please let me know if anyone is mis-filed, misidentified, or just plain missing.
Thank you!
Tippet, Marco & KeeperNick & PyroJainaRiley & GimmeAkelaShady, Volley, & KileyTanqueray, Ramses, & CheerioGunner & MaebyJetson & LucyFly & Ion (I think)Slab McGeeLexi & JusticeHuck & LunaLily & Rebel & ?PigletTaz and the BostonsRocky & Sweet TeaSeamus & RileyMaya, Phoebe, & BeckettEric & Laura's crewBaby WhippetsSmitten, Wesley, Cooper, TeslaFilly & ZeeWindi's gangRudy, Katie, Ziggy, Chase, HollyKung Fu Panda & JackGaiusBlitz & AbbyPandaBelle & RustySnowMoose & WittenGunner & MarlieBoston & Black LabRugby, Nessie, & FableCurly & MoMattie and baby WhippetEllieMooseRyder & ChaseDave, Shine & Oh Boy!LouieKarst & TorBlack Lab & GSDJacksonBella & WilsonSummitJonahIzzyDollySnitchNanMonsterGra & CharlieSeeyaOliver & Alexanderblog