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I've been interested in photography for a while now, I remember as a kid taking pictures of our family dog with our Kodak Instamatic, then as a grad student in Botany photographing alpine plants in New Hampshire. Then digital came along, and a dog that got me involved in flyball (thanks Kazul!). I loved the images that the talented photographers on our club, Diane Lewis and Sam Bennett, were taking, and I really wanted to learn to photograph dog sports. I love taking pictures of dogs doing their favorite thing!

I have a portrait studio in my home and would love to photograph your dog! Please check for information under the Portrait Sessions tab.

I live in Raleigh NC and travel in the southeast US, primarily Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia, and to Indianapolis IN for the CanAm Flyball tournament. If you like my images and would like me to photograph your flyball, agility, or disk event please contact me at irene@furfetched.com.

Thank you!


Photo credit: Olivier Morin, 1TDC.com