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Welcome to my blog! I'll be adding favorite images from flyball and agility events after the proofs are loaded into the Zenfolio galleries. Portraits too!

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Pawmetto Pack: Fast and Furriest Flyball Tournament, Feb 10 & 11, 2018

February 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The weather was warmer than in December, so the doors were opened for much of the weekend, making for much better lighting in the lanes. High humidity left the concrete floor wet on Sunday morning (condensation dripped from the steel beams above) - delaying the start of Sunday's racing. Had fun with the Valentine's studio set-up again, thanks to all who stopped by for pictures!

Here are some favorites from the racing pictures:

ISC_1815ISC_1815 ISC_2507ISC_2507 ISC_2844ISC_2844 ISC_3457ISC_3457 ISC_3473ISC_3473 ISC_3615ISC_3615 ISC_4063ISC_4063 ISC_5827ISC_5827 ISC_4885ISC_4885 And from the studio shoot:

ISC_3947-EditISC_3947-Edit ISC_4248-EditISC_4248-Edit ISC_4250ISC_4250 ISC_4379ISC_4379 ISC_4980ISC_4980 ISC_5297ISC_5297 ISC_5456-EditISC_5456-Edit ISC_5501-EditISC_5501-Edit ISC_5514ISC_5514

ISC_5622-EditISC_5622-Edit ISC_5775-EditISC_5775-Edit ISC_5944ISC_5944 ISC_6140ISC_6140

DogGoneFast Fly Ball XVI, December 2018

January 27, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

We had a weather event that threatened the Winter WufFest again - 6 inches of snow (more to the west where several of our club members as well as tournament participants live). Snow in NC means impassable secondary and back roads until everything thaws; people can't drive out of their neighborhoods, which made Friday setup a challenge. This year instead of a cancellation like in 2016, DGF delayed the start of Saturday's racing, and warm temps the rest of the weekend took care of the roads. Whew! Successful WufFest!

ISC_4349ISC_4349 ISC_5303ISC_5303 ISC_5588ISC_5588 ISC_8459ISC_8459 ISC_7379ISC_7379 ISC_7748ISC_7748 ISC_7763ISC_7763 ISC_8360ISC_8360 ISC_8494ISC_8494 ISC_8816ISC_8816 ISC_8865ISC_8865 ISC_8922ISC_8922

Trixie: Puppy looking for a family at Saving Grace NC

January 27, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

ISC_9488ISC_9488 ISC_9493ISC_9493 ISC_9495ISC_9495 ISC_9502ISC_9502

UFLI Champs 2017

October 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The weekend following CanAm this year was another International Flyball Championship -UFLI Champs. So instead of driving home after CanAm, I spent a few days with our son in Detroit, then headed for Purina Farms outside of St Louis, MO to photograph UFLI Champs. Liz Werner of Paws in Motion Photography https://pawsinmotionpet.smugmug.com helped out with the 4 rings of racing. Thank you UFLI for your invitation to photograph this tournament!

ISC_9496ISC_9496 ISC_1438-EditISC_1438-Edit ISC_1706ISC_1706 ISC_2028ISC_2028 ISC_5440ISC_5440 ISC_5398ISC_5398 ISC_2519ISC_2519 ISC_5616ISC_5616 ISC_5932ISC_5932 ISC_7171ISC_7171

CanAm 2017

October 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

There were 3 of us shooting CanAm this year, Dana Nichols (http://www.altitudedogphotos.com), Adam Short (http://www.ambient-exposure-photography.com), and I. Seven rings this year, and good weather provided the wonderful lighting that I look forward to at the venue at the State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, IN.

Here are some of my favorites from the 3 days of racing!

ISC_2259ISC_2259 ISC_2632ISC_2632 ISC_2709ISC_2709 ISC_3289ISC_3289 ISC_3614ISC_3614 ISC_5762ISC_5762 ISC_9760ISC_9760 ISC_8949ISC_8949 ISC_7832ISC_7832 ISC_1645ISC_1645 ISC_3658ISC_3658