Fur-Fetched Photography | DogGoneFast Winter WufFest XV

DogGoneFast Winter WufFest XV

January 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Congratulations DGF on your 15th Winter WufFest! The weather was much more cooperative this year than last, when we had to cancel the WufFest due to icy conditions. A little rainy and dreary but not as wet as predicted. One of the significant milestones this year was an Iron Dog award that earned by Amy B's border collie Rogue, 10 years of flyball racing! Congratulations Rogue and Amy! ISC_4822ISC_4822 And a few of my favorites from the weekend's racing:

ISC_1446ISC_1446 ISC_1769ISC_1769 ISC_1855ISC_1855 ISC_1941ISC_1941 ISC_2891ISC_2891 ISC_4938ISC_4938 ISC_5549ISC_5549 ISC_6127ISC_6127