Pawmetto Pack: Fast and Furriest Flyball Tournament, Feb 10 & 11, 2018

February 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The weather was warmer than in December, so the doors were opened for much of the weekend, making for much better lighting in the lanes. High humidity left the concrete floor wet on Sunday morning (condensation dripped from the steel beams above) - delaying the start of Sunday's racing. Had fun with the Valentine's studio set-up again, thanks to all who stopped by for pictures!

Here are some favorites from the racing pictures:

ISC_1815ISC_1815 ISC_2507ISC_2507 ISC_2844ISC_2844 ISC_3457ISC_3457 ISC_3473ISC_3473 ISC_3615ISC_3615 ISC_4063ISC_4063 ISC_5827ISC_5827 ISC_4885ISC_4885 And from the studio shoot:

ISC_3947-EditISC_3947-Edit ISC_4248-EditISC_4248-Edit ISC_4250ISC_4250 ISC_4379ISC_4379 ISC_4980ISC_4980 ISC_5297ISC_5297 ISC_5456-EditISC_5456-Edit ISC_5501-EditISC_5501-Edit ISC_5514ISC_5514

ISC_5622-EditISC_5622-Edit ISC_5775-EditISC_5775-Edit ISC_5944ISC_5944 ISC_6140ISC_6140